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Huida international logistics co., LTD. Website, my company is located in the north China plain at the confluence of the five major tributaries of the haihe river, east of the bohai sea, north of yanshan, has a history of more than 600 years, with a combination of Chinese and western, ancient and modern compatibility of the unique city style of tianjin. The specific address is 301, gate 36, venerli, xiamen road, hexi district, tianjin city. The contact person is huang kun.

We are a company specializing in energy products, the company's main international shipping, etc., in the peer is a senior enterprise, with strong technical force and advanced means of production and testing, products are sold throughout the country,. In the market more and more differentiation today, the company also requires their own quality and professional product differentiation, in order to meet the needs of customers. Company goal: grasp now, create brilliance. Company culture: hard accumulation and pioneering spirit. Business philosophy: excellent quality and considerate service. Company objective: to create a clean cooking environment. Market policy: quality, service and price are the basis of our development. Our company is specialized in shipping and air transportation of import and export goods, including tianjin, Europe, America, Canada, South America, Africa, southeast Asia, Middle East and other major ports. It can reach more than 800 ports around the world. At the same time, it is also engaged in the domestic transport of international goods into the mainland through transit, (tianjin-chengdu international supervised transport, ordinary domestic goods, tianjin-chongqing international supervised transport), and its business scope includes space booking, warehousing, transshipment, container assembly, unpacking, international multimodal transport, customs declaration, inspection and so on.

Ocean full container and special container: our company has signed agreements with many shipping companies and has its own advantages in price and space. We can also choose different shipping companies according to your requirements. I have long-term cooperation with customers in the field of special boxes, especially in machine tools, flanges, engineering vehicles, food and other products with OT, FR, RF, as well as the refrigerator with rich experience. Shipping LCL: we provide you with the services to all parts of the world, and the weekly shipping schedule is intensive, the price is reasonable, can be on call LCL, and the destination port charges are reasonable. No matter any remote destination, as long as within our network, you do not need to worry about the voyage, transit problems, we will arrange for you in the end, and you can enjoy *** reasonable freight, LCL to about 600 ports around the world.

Air transport: except for signing contracts with major airlines in tianjin, we have special staff working in the airport. Sea and air combined transportation is another characteristic of our company. Weekly container away from Shanghai, in BUSAN, as LOSANGELES, DUBAI and other harbour devanning, overnight by bonded truck to * * * near the airport, the air around the world, solve the problem of the peak season of the direct air shipping space, greatly reduce the transportation cost at the same time, due to the good relationship with airlines, in the fierce competition in the circumstances to airlift limited space and freight, ensure the timely shipment of the goods of emergency.

Import and export: the import business advantage of our company is mainly in Europe, America, southeast Asia and Japan. Especially import to Europe, America and Japan airlines door to door service. We regularly in the wood, scrap steel, scrap plastic, plastic (LDPE, PP, PE, PVC, etc.), silicon wafers, ore (chromium iron, nickel iron, brass), chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, for have entry goods and other products, has rich experience in customs clearance, in terms of import tariff, can be directly EDI online payment of tax for the customer, improve customs clearance speed. Regardless of FCL, LCL, air even time also won't affect our communication. To ensure the timely arrival of your goods.汇达国际物流有限公司网站,我公司位于华北平原的五大支流交汇的海河,渤海,东部燕山北部,有600多年的历史,与中国和西方的结合、古今兼容的独特城市天津的风格。具体地址是天津市河西区厦门路venerli 36号门301。联系人是黄坤。




航空运输:除与天津各大航空公司签订合同外,我们还有专人在机场工作。海空联运是我公司的另一个特色。每周容器远离上海,在釜山,LOSANGELES,迪拜和其他港口拆箱,一夜之间由保税卡车* * *在机场附近,周围的空气,解决这个问题的旺季直接空运舱位,大大降低了运输成本同时,由于航空公司的良好关系,在激烈的竞争环境和货运空运有限空间,保证及时装运货物的紧急状态。


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  • 珠三角、长三角、亚欧大陆桥内陆海铁联运等口岸


    遍及国内各主要港口至世界主要港口的海运,陆运,散杂货及集装箱业务, 主要针对普通/重大件杂货、各类设备、车辆、钢材等货物,提供整船/拼船租船及特种柜运输服务。







    • 致力于拓展日韩、中东、印巴、红海、东南亚、地中海、非洲、澳洲、北美和拉美等航线
    • 为客户提供从中国到全球各港口,包括集装箱、散货拼箱及空运进出口全方位综合物流服务。
    • 能一条龙解决采购商所有的物流、清关、货款问题
      • 可以提供各口岸出口至欧洲,北美,东南亚,澳洲,中东印巴等地区的DDU、DDP服务,提供门点服务,分驳服务,EX-WORKS到付服务
      • 港口装卸,船员劳务输出
      • 有着丰富的网络资源。可以处理来自或者到达世界大部分国家和地区的各种条款货物。
    • 全国各主要港口建立分公司如深圳、广州、厦门、福 州、宁波、天津、青岛及大连等;
    • 主要经营东南亚,印度矿产及煤炭进口运输。


    1. 制定和实施一体化整体物流解决方案、货物包装、公路运输、水路运输、铁路运输、仓储、港口中转、港口报关商检、以及咨询等服务。
    2. 主营散杂货经营,配舱和代理业务
    3. 代理快递及代理海空联运业务等。
      1. 报关报检和仓储服务
      2. 通过配套的报关、报检、保险、码头货物处理、拖车、税务、仓储等服务
      3. 主要在土耳其马尔马拉海及格鲁吉亚的波季港进行海陆联运中转。
    4. 高效率的特色双清关服务,为客户节省运输成本。
    5. 世界知名的国际货运代理企业
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